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Short Bio

Reinhard studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Karlsruhe (TH) and at the "Institut National Polytechnique" in Grenoble (France). In 2003 he received diploma degrees from both institutions. For his diploma theses he stayed six months at the Xerox Research Centre Europe in Meylan (France) and worked on middleware support for electronic negotiations.

From 11/2003 to 10/2006 Reinhard took part in the doctoral program of the BMW Group. At the BMW "Center of Competence IT Architectures" he developed a new approach for allocating costs of shared client/server infrastructures.

Fields of Interest

  • IT Controlling and Cost Accounting
  • IT and Business Alignment
  • Performance Management
  • Analytical Capacity Planning

Research Project: Usage-Based Cost Allocation of Shared IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure, such as servers and networking equipment, accounts for a large proportion of the IT costs in modern organizations. Typically, this IT infrastructure is shared among multiple applications and business units. Allocating costs of heterogenous client/serve infrastructures is not trivial. Biased allocation keys often cause free-rider problems. Measuring usage in is technically difficult and incurs high costs.

During the project we developed a method and a software toolkit to derive adequate estimators for the resource consumption of business-oriented services. These so-called resource profiles can then provide a basis for cost allocation keys and support IT capacity planning. Resource conumption measurements during regular operations can be omitted. Such estimates need to be unbiased and precise even in cases of varying workloads and in rather heterogeneous environments. We derive the profiles from a series of load tests, as they are typically conducted in larger organizations before an application is launched. For their validation and for capacity planning we use Queuing Network Theory.

The approach has been successfully tested in an infrastructure provided by the BMW Group.

Selected Publications


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