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If you are interested in a particular topic listed here for a Bachelor or Master thesis, please contact the corresponding person from the list below. If you are interested in writing a thesis on another (non-listed) topic within the scope of our group or you want to participate in guided research or an interdisciplinary project, write an email to Felipe Maldonado. Please state your skills and interests and also attach a current CV and a recent grade report. First contact should be established at least one month before registration of the project in order to allow for sufficient time to settle for a suitable topic.


Optimization and Market Design
(BSc or MSc thesis)
various topics

Prof. Martin Bichler

Computational Social Choice and Algorithmic Game Theory various topics (having passed "Computational Social Choice", "Algorithmic Game Theory", "Markets, Algorithms, Incentives, and Networks" or "Economics & Computation" is required)

Prof. Felix Brandt

Strategyproofness in Probabilistic Social Choice

A central problem in theoretical econonmics is manipulability, i.e, voters may lie about their true preferences to obtain a more preferred outcome. For instance, the Gibbard-Satterthwaite theorem states that only dictatorial voting rules are non-manipulable. However, recent experimental results show that there are far less manipulations than the theoretical results suggest. This entails that our theoretical models ignore some important aspects that influence voters in practice. The goal of this topic is therefore to close this gap by investigating new models for strategyproofness in probabilistic social choice. In particular, the following topics are currently open:

  1. Conduct a literature review on experimental results about manipulations; translate the corresponding models to probabilistic social choice and analyze how well-known probabilistic voting rules behave for them.
  2. Investigate strategyproofness with a cost for lying: a manipulation is only a manipulation if it increases the utiltiy of the manipulator by a certain threshold.
  3. Investigate strategyproofness with (patrially) altruistic voter: voters do not only care about their own benefit, but also about the social welfare.

Requirements: the courses "Computational Social Choice", "Economics & Computation", and "Markets, Algorithms, Incentives, and Networks" are helpful. A thorough understanding of mathematical proofs or coding experience with an LP solver is required.

Patrick Lederer
Simulations and analysis in shared-economy markets

The sharing economy depends on the development of the sharing platform. Different platforms (e.g., ride-hailing, freight exchange, kidney exchange, resource allocation, ... ) have different characteristics. We are committed to abstracting mathematical models from reality to simulate, analyze and provide theory. Research issues include but are not limited to matching strategies, pricing issues, and online prediction.

Required: advanced programming skills (e.g., Python, Matlab, at least one), mathematics, operation research.

Donghao Zhu


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